Since 2015, our congregation, together with the other Anglican Churches in Cambridge, has supported the women at our local prison in a number of ways.

We support the "Read Aloud" program where volunteers tape-record young mothers at GVI reading a book to their child(ren), decorate and wrap the book and CD and send both to the child as a gift, so they can hear their mom read them a bedtime story even when she isn't able to be there.  As part of an annual Lenten project for the past few years, our parishioners have bought new children's books to donate to the cause plus we have a parishioner who volunteers with the taping of the books.

We also collect and donate various items for the prison's social and mental health programs, as needed.

In addition, we have volunteers who take part in weekly Anglican church services and occasion bible studies at the prison, encouraging the women in their faith and letting them know that we're walking with them and they are not forgotten.