What to Expect

We’re a friendly little church at the corner of Tait & Francis Streets in Cambridge.

Our priest, the Reverend Steve Greene, is a wonderful pastor and passionate speaker who works to help each of our congregation grow spiritually. He pours limitless energy into reaching outside our parish to the surrounding community, and his insightful Facebook postings reach people across the country and around the world. He makes us think!

Our Deacon, Canon Karen, is a dedicated, faithful long-time member of our parish.  As the chaplain at two local nursing homes, she devotes countless hours spreading God’s love in our community.  Karen brings true joy to our weekly services and on the occasions that she fills in as preacher, she always gives us a refreshingly different, inspiring perspective on the readings for the day.

We celebrate the Holy Eucharist every week and all baptized believers are welcome to receive Communion.  We love worshipping with music and are very lucky to have Leah, our amazing music director, who ensures we enjoy a mixture of upbeat, modern Christian hymns along with some favourite traditional hymns.  We would love to have you join us! 

You will be met inside the door by one of our friendly greeters who will escort you into the church and let you choose where you feel most comfortable sitting.  The service starts at 9am but if you happen to arrive a few minutes late, please come in anyway.  No one will mind.

We are very casual.  Please wear whatever makes you comfortable, provided it is respectful.

NOTE:  AS WE RE-OPEN OUR CHURCH DURING COVID-19, WE ASK THAT EVERYONE WEARS A MASK (either a surgical mask or 3-ply material).  Currently, the lectern side of the church is allowing full capacity seating and the pulpit side is remaining as a "socially distanced" seating option.